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[ Happy-Tails ]  .:Gabriele:. by LightningEffect [ Happy-Tails ]  .:Gabriele:. by LightningEffect
Finally got this colored. Well except for the hair but- Too lazy to try to do that so //choke

ღ Gabriele Michelangelo Vitale

ღ Angel, Gabe, Michel, Vi

ღ 25

ღ Male

ღ 6' ft. 2" in.

ღ Beautician

ღ N.A.

Sexual Orientation:
ღ Demiromantic Polysexual


- Blunt | Touchy | Workaholic | Melodramatic | Easily Jealous
+ Cool | Relaxed | Outgoing | Affectionate | Old-fashioned

Gabriele is the type to tell things how they are, he refuses to resort to lies and misguiding truths as he doesn't think it's honorable to do as such. He's very affectionate with people as he adores socializing with others. Even if someone is a complete stranger he will be kind and outgoing with them. Sometimes he can be a bit too touchy and invasive of personal space however because of this, which at times gets him into trouble with those that aren't that into the physical contact thing.

Gabe likes to be a bit dramatic, or add flair to things, not to the point of being a drama queen, but he loves to arrive on the scene in style; or show off his bike when he can. When he gets really attached to someone, there are points where he might be overly clingy, and is easily jealous if said person is close to others, but he won't let it show if he can help it. He doesn't want to come off as overly attached, as he's always worried about scaring that important person off so he'd most likely just go curl up somewhere and mope to himself or distract himself in his work. Which can be a bad thing as he might overwork to the point of exhaustion and collapse sometimes; that and normally as well, he enjoys his job and is always willing to put his health aside for the sake of his job and pleasing customers. 

He tries to come off as the 'cool' type, with his clothing style and his bike. He thinks he's a pretty badass guy, though he's really not; wanting to be like his father who is one of his role models. Gabriele is also a normally laid back type of guy with others, he doesn't like to push people into doing something they don't want, nor is the type to fall into peer pressure, not easily at least. He likes to kick back and have fun like everyone else, and is definitely up for partying or going on random unplanned trips just for the hell of it. Lastly, he's a bit old-fashioned in some aspects; his love life for example. Sure he's up for one night stands if you want, but when it comes to love, as in real love, he likes to get to know someone closely on a platonic friendship way before he could ever say he's in love with them. He doesn't really get why people claim to fall in love after just having met someone coughromeoandjulietcough, and definitely doesn't believe in the whole love at first sight thing. 


✓ People
✓ Details
✓ Daft Punk
✓ Sketching
✓ Socializing
✓ Braiding hair
✓ His motorcycle
✓ Going on walks
✓ People-watching
✓ Designing nail art
M O R E  T B A

✗ Humidity
✗ Split ends
✗ Dull colors
✗ Messiness
✗ Stereotypes
✗ Rude people
✗ Bad hair days
✗ Romeo & Juliet
M O R E  T B A

Extra information:
ღ He's Italian and fluent in the language.
ღ His favorite subcategories of his job are hair styling and nail art.
ღ His parents are both art collectors and huge art enthusiasts, hence his middle name.
ღ Owns a Suzuki Hayabusa bike instead of a car, because he thinks cars are too slow and bulky.
ღ His form of nail art is the Japanese or 3D style, where he uses gems, etc. on the nails as well as polish.
ღ He was almost named Leonardo Michelangelo, but his maternal grandmother said that would be overdoing it.
ღ Has several piercings on his left ear, and a few on his right which is hidden by his ear. He also has several tattoos hidden away. Tryandfindthemifyoucan//hit

Art & OC (c) LightningEffect
Happy-tails (c) Tea-why
Original Adopt Design (c) DaffyMusic
Iphone template & Daft Punk wallpaper found on google.

Drawn & Inked traditionally.
Colored in Sai. 30 layers. 11 hours.

[ Happy-Tails ]  .:Gabriele's Item Sheet:. by LightningEffect   [ Happy-Tails ]  .:RP Tracker:. by LightningEffect
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XxsakunoxX Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heyyyy i got your character for the dating festival so maybe we could rp? uwu
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hello there! So it seems, sure, would notes be alright with you?
XxsakunoxX Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
cool, would you like me to start?
XxsakunoxX Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh im so sorry, i didn't see your reply unu 

but yeah that'd be cool!
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ahh Im so sorry I never got around to sending the note orz
life got busy due to midterms-
XxsakunoxX Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
it's okay ;w; i know how school can be so no need to worry uwu
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ff my apologies anyhow, but I hope you enjoyed the event with your other characters!
Y0KAI Featured By Owner May 17, 2014

I've been super inactive on dA, but FFFFFF.
Look at this wonderful man. //screeches

QAQ The way you do clothes/folds is just. Hghhnn.
I'm in love with his hair, accessories and piercings, as well. ;o; <33333
His personality is full of win, too~ ;u; I'm just gonna...
//touches him all over
LightningEffect Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
its okay again shhhh //pats

ch o kes-
omg thank you so much wow skjfn
weeps- th a n k s so much for all the
compliments omgfkkjns <3
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